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Air Quality the Key to Your Health and the Comfort of Your Home

Indoor air quality is very important to your health and the comfort of your home. From dust and other debris to excess moisture hanging around, there are lots of things that can lower the quality of the air you’re breathing indoors. Learning about these indoor pollutants and what you can do to control them is a step towards improving your quality of life.

The most common pollutants floating around your home are microscopic and are a dreaded chore to remove.

Dust is a combination of dead skin, pet dander, pollen, bits of dirt and other debris. It has long been seen as a contributor to breathing problems. Another pollutant commonly found in homes is mold spores. These spores can be caused by excess water and have been proven cause a number of illnesses. 

Thankfully there are a number of things you can do to improve the air quality in your house. Start small and work your way up to the bigger tasks. Bring an air cleaner into your home. These air filters cycle the air, removing pollutants. Some require a filter be replaced and others have filter that can just be wiped down. Another way to filter the air in your home is by adding some types of house plants. The Spider plant, Aloe, Gerber daisy and many other plants are known to remove pollutants from the air. 

Check all the windows and doors in your home. Pollutants can easily find their way in through air leaks and large openings. Seal any leaks and repair any damaged areas you find. This can also help lower your heating and cooling bills. Having the duct work moving the conditioned air around your home cleaned and checked for air leaks can also reduce air pollutants. 

Having your heating and cooling unit checked out regularly along with the duct work in your home can improve not only the air quality but also your health. Contact Mountain  Air to get started on improving the air in your home today.

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