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Twelve Spring Maintenance Tips for Your HVAC System – Part 1

spring maintenance

The weather is getting warmer in Asheville. HVAC system is often overlooked. If not checked regularly, it can become a hazard for your home. Make sure your HVAC systems are running properly for spring. Here are 12 essential spring tips for HVAC maintenance.

1) Check Your Heating and Air Conditioning System

Check your air-conditioning filter and heating equipment regularly will prevent future disasters. It is recommended to inspect every season!

2) Check the Drainage Area for Your Air Handler

Most air conditioners have a drainage hole at the base of the cabinet. This is located beneath the evaporator fins. Make sure to clean the hole in order for the air conditioners to fully work properly. You can take a wire to poke through and clear it.

3) Replace Old Air Conditioning Units

If your unit is older and has not been properly maintained in the last few years, it is recommended to invest in a new model. If you are worried about the cost, it is well worth it! New units will save you more energy and cost.

4) Consider Installing a Programmable Thermostat

Investing in a programmable thermostat will allow you control your HVAC units. This gives you the advantage to match your schedule and set timers when you leave or come home from work. You can also customize settings for specific temperatures and rooms.

5) Spring Cleaning for Your Air Filters

Air filters should be replaced every so often and clean. This will promote a more efficient performance out of your system. If the filters are clogged or dirty, this can interrupt the airflow and contaminate the air quality .

6) Protect Your HVAC

With spring here and summer closely approaching, the sun can harm your HVAC unit. Providing shade to your unit will help it operate more smoothly and not overheat. Beware of branches and leaves that can get into your system and lead to permanent damage.

For more information about air conditioning maintenance and repairs , or to request a maintenance plan , contact Mountain Air Mechanical. Our technicians are equipped to make sure your HVAC system will keep you and your family comfortable throughout the summer months.

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