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Ventilation Is the Key to Good Air Quality

ventilation in Arden, NC

The quality of your indoor air is very important to your overall health. When airborne pollutants build up, you can suffer from the exposure. Thankfully, there are a few ways that you can improve your Arden, NC home’s indoor air quality . One of the key measures that you can take is to ensure adequate ventilation.

Ventilation Improves Air Quality

Proper ventilation in your home reduces the amount of airborne pollutants that develop indoors. Fresh air can infiltrate into your home through cracks, joints, and other small openings in ceilings, floors, doors, windows, and, walls. However, infiltration isn’t the best way to keep indoor pollutants under control. Natural and mechanical means are much more efficient.

Natural Means

Many household activities can create high levels of pollutants in your home, such as cleaning, cooking, and painting . However, you can use natural means to ventilate your space and minimize the buildup.

Mainly, open doors and windows in the rooms where you clean and paint so that fresh air can circulate in and polluted air can circulate out. When the weather doesn’t permit that, consider running a window air conditioner to vent the space. Also, use the overhead fan vent while you cook.

Mechanical Systems

Whether you have a new or existing home, you can install a mechanical whole-house system to ventilate and maintain the quality of your indoor air. You have several options, which include:

  • Ventilating dehumidifiers – these devices, which can be ducted or stand-alone units, also help remove moisture from the air
  • Energy recovery ventilators- these systems transfer heat to or from the incoming air to help save on heating and cooling costs
  • Inline ventilators- these ventilators help to control both the temperature and humidity of the air coming in from the outside

Do you need help choosing the best way to ventilate your home? Mountain Air Mechanical Contractors can provide recommendation and installation services. You can also learn other ways to improve your indoor air quality on out IAQ page or by calling (828) 585-4587 .