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A Clogged Air Filter Impedes Your AC’s Performance

air filter in Asheville, NC

Blocked air filters interfere with proper air conditioner operation. Clogs affect all parts of a cooling system and cause a majority of AC repairs in Asheville, NC homes. Here’s how air filter obstructions create AC performance problems:

Polluted Indoor Air

Dirty filters can’t trap airborne particles that cause poor indoor air quality. These particles can make you sick. They aggravate respiratory disorders and make allergies worse. Pollen, dust, dander, mites, disease-causing microbes, and insect droppings can all blow into your home while the AC is running. That creates a continuous stream of toxins circulating through indoor air.

Restricted Airflow

Your AC’s evaporator coil needs a steady stream of warm air to cool your home properly. Restricted airflow limits the amount of warm air the coil receives. That can cause hot and cold spots, and the system will struggle to cool your home. The coil could freeze up and the system can shut down. Poor airflow also prevents effective humidity control. Instead of cool comfort, you might feel a damp chill.

Excessive Wear and Tear

Blower fans drive cooled air through the ductwork and into individual rooms. The strain of constantly pushing treated air through a blocked air filter takes a toll on your AC system. Over time, the blower motor could overheat and burn out. Chronically overworked air conditioners cost you more in AC repairs. You’ll also need AC replacement more often.

Over-the-top Utility Bills

Blocked filters make your air conditioner gobble energy. A study by the Florida Public Service Commission revealed that clogged air filters were the second highest cause of high summer utility bills. Keeping your filters clean can reduce energy costs by up to 15 percent.

Filter changes are part of our comprehensive AC maintenance packages. Call Mountain Air Mechanical Contractors at (828) 585-4587 to schedule Asheville AC maintenance today.