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A Bigger Furnace Isn’t Always Better

furnace installation in Asheville, NC

Don’t be fooled into thinking bigger is better when it comes to the furnace in your Asheville, NC home. An oversized furnace can cause a host of issues. These include decreased efficiency, an uncomfortable home, short cycling, and a shortened lifespan.

Decreased Operating Efficiency

Oversized furnaces are notoriously inefficient . A furnace uses the most energy when it’s firing up. It reaches peak efficiency when the temperature of the air it releases evens out and reaches a steady value. Oversized furnaces spend a disproportionate amount of time in the start-up stage. This drives up utility bills and wears out the furnace components.

An Uncomfortable Home

An oversized furnace installation is simply too powerful for the space it heats. When a furnace is too big, it’s normal for it to heat certain areas of your home so quickly that they become uncomfortable before your thermostat settings are satisfied. To counteract this, you may have to run the furnace fan twenty-four hours a day, which increases energy waste and can wear it out long before it reaches its average lifespan.

Short Cycles

Oversized units short cycle, meaning they cycle through their heating phases too quickly and shut down before satisfying the thermostat settings. Your furnace experiences tremendous stress when it continually starts up shortly after shutting down. To make matters worse, your furnace is designed to shut down if it short cycles too many times in a row. This is a safety feature to prevent accidents and is most likely to occur during periods of extreme cold — the worst time for your furnace to stop heating your home.

Shortened Lifespan

When a furnace short cycles often, its lifespan is dramatically reduced. It just can’t handle the constant starting up and shutting down, and it’ll wear out much sooner than an appropriately sized unit.

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