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Using Ductless HVAC Systems in Cooler Weather

Ductless HVAC Systems in Etowah, NC

Ductless HVAC systems are an excellent option for keeping your family warm in winter in Etowah, NC. These systems are not only compact and easy to install in your home, but they also have individual zoning control. That allows you to separately customize the temperatures in different rooms. Furthermore, ductless HVAC systems are energy and cost-efficient.

What to Look for in a Ductless HVAC System

A ductless HVAC system has an outdoor compressor unit, a conduit, and indoor air-handling units. Many outdoor compressor units can support up to eight indoor air-handling units. After installing these air-handling units in separate rooms, you can adjust the individual thermostats and maintain different temperature zones . Your home’s size and insulation will determine the number of heat pumps you will need.

Along with temperature customization, a ductless HVAC system offers operational convenience via remote control, smartphone, or computer. So, you can turn up the heat on wintry days without budging from the toasty comfort of your couch.

How to Get Maximum Efficiency from a Ductless HVAC System

To ensure maximum efficiency from your ductless HVAC system , install the outdoor compressor unit at least 2 feet above the ground with a protective roof overhead. That way, air can circulate freely around it. Also, when it snows, the outdoor compressor unit won’t have to use up extra energy in defrosting any accumulated snow.

How a Ductless HVAC System Will Keep Your Home Efficient

The ductless HVAC system will reduce your energy usage and cut your bill by around 30%. This is because ductless heat pumps require far less electricity to run. Moreover, instead of generating heat, they absorb atmospheric heat and channel it into the house.

Using a dual-mode thermostat and a reversing valve, you can change the heat pump’s modes and the refrigerant’s directional flow to facilitate temperature zone control and improve your indoor air quality .

Given the energy efficiency, durability, and convenience of ductless HVAC systems , there is no reason to dread long winters. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Mountain Air Mechanical Contractors by email to install a ductless HVAC system , or call (828) 585-4587 .

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