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Some of the Most Common Furnace Problems

common furnace problems in Brevard, North Carolina

Autumn is upon us again and that means it’s time to have your furnace serviced in Brevard, North Carolina. Sometimes unforeseen issues crop up, even when your furnace has just sat idle for a year. Learn about some of the most common problems your furnace might face and what you can do to get help with your heating issues.

Common Furnace Problems

Some of the most common furnace problems involve age and basic maintenance . These include dirty filters, pilot and ignition issues, thermostat problems, and general wear and tear. Let’s look at each of these issues.

Dirty Filters

You should be changing your furnace filter at least four times a year, or every three months. The best time to change a filter is when the seasons change. Far too many people ignore this all-important step of basic maintenance. Dirty filters cause dirt and dust to back up in your system, which can clog it and cause efficiency issues and even breakdowns that require repairs .

Pilot and Ignition Issues

When your pilot light is any color besides blue, your fuel isn’t burning right. If you happen to notice that your air isn’t as warm as it should be, and you see an orange, red, yellow, or other colored pilot light, call in the pros to have the problem assessed.

Thermostat Problems

Aging and broken thermostats can be a real issue. The thermostat is the heart and soul of controlling your HVAC system, and if it’s either not detecting temperature correctly or not kicking on and off when it should, your whole system will function less efficiently. In most cases, a professional can diagnose and replace a broken thermostat quickly and easily.

Furnace Age

As your furnace ages, it won’t function as well. Just like any piece of machinery, furnaces breakdown over time. You can end up with airflow issues, overheating, control problems, and a variety of other issues that a professional has to fix.

If you need repairs on your furnace this autumn, call Mountain Air Mechanical Contractors at (828) 585-4587 to get help.

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