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4 Health Benefits of Improved Indoor Air Quality

indoor air quality in Hendersonville, North Carolina

The average person of the Hendersonville, North Carolina, area spends much of their time indoors. From school, to work, to home — these are all spaces where poor indoor air quality can greatly impact your health. Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate the risks of indoor air pollutants, such as those caused by dust mites, carpet, and pet dander. As a result of cleaning up your home’s air , your health can greatly improve in several ways.

Allergy Relief

Usually the household culprits that cause respiratory problems are odorless and therefore hard to pinpoint. A good rule of thumb is to clean the house regularly. Wall-to-wall carpets, as well as bedding and drapes, are usually where dust and pet dander like to linger. Target these areas by vacuuming regularly and using natural cleaners whenever possible.

Better Sleep

Sleepiness, fatigue, or even sleep apnea can sometimes be symptoms of poor indoor air quality. Enjoy deeper and more beneficial sleep by making sure your bedroom gets proper airflow. Lack of ventilation causes indoor pollutants to develop and become trapped. Opening up a window every now and then (even in winter) and investing in a dehumidifier or other air cleaner can effectively draw out unwanted irritants.

Reduced Odors

Improving indoor air quality can greatly reduce unpleasant household odors. Limit or remove the presence of such air pollutants as smoke, perfumes, as well as building and painting materials. Also, ensure your home is free of smoke and scented irritants like candles or commercial air fresheners.

Improved Breathing

Your body responds to poor indoor air quality by taking shorter breaths, which can be really taxing on your system. With better air quality, you can enjoy deeper breaths and more oxygenated lungs. Improved breathing will make you feel more relaxed in your own home. Take measures by changing your filters more regularly and having your ducts cleaned.

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