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What is NATE-Certification and Why is it Important in NC?

NATE-certification in Arden, NC

You may have seen the term “NATE-certified technician” while looking for a dependable air systems company to provide heating and cooling services for your home or business in Arden, NC NC. Mountain Air Mechanical Contractors ‘ technicians are NATE-certified, and this is a benefit for you and for our company.

NATE Certifications Explained

The North American Technician Excellence organization is an independent entity that certifies heating and cooling services and installation technicians via a knowledge-based test. To become NATE-certified, you must pass core and specialty segments of either the service or installation tests and achieve a score of 70% or higher. The specialties tests include air conditioning, air distributions, heat pump , gas heat, and oil heat.

The Importance of NATE-Certification

Using an air services company that has NATE-certified technicians is important because it means that you are receiving work from technicians that have proven that they are experts in their fields. Technicians who have passed have demonstrated their knowledge and skills in so doing. A NATE-certified technician not only understands the fundamentals of air systems, but they also have been tested on specialties within the field and can work on various types of air heating and cooling systems.

Is NATE-Certification Different Than Other Certifications?

When you are researching different heating and cooling companies, you will encounter various terms on their websites that say things like “fully certified,” “trained,” and ” ‘Brand Name’ Premier Dealer” and the like. These descriptions are important and relevant, but do they represent the same meaning and importance of a NATE certification? Being a premier dealer for well-known manufacturers of air systems is a good qualification and being generally trained is also good. However, NATE-certification states that the technician is trained on industry core and specialties that meet specific standards supported by the industry.

Partnering with a heating and cooling air services company that has NATE-certified technicians on their team is the best way to ensure you receive reliable and expert work in western North Carolina. Call Mountain Air Mechanical Contractors, Inc. , today for more information on how we can serve you!

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