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The Importance of Optimal Home Humidity in Arden, NC

Humidity in Arden, NC

When it comes to home comfort, most people worry more about the temperature inside the home, but relative humidity is just as important. Humidity plays a significant role and affects you and your home in more ways than you realize. Read on to learn why it’s important to control your home’s optimal humidity in Arden, NC.

What Is Relative Humidity?

The EPA recommends relative indoor humidity levels between 30% and 50% year-round. Winter air is dryer, resulting in chapped lips, dry skin, dry eyes, and other health problems, while in summer, allergens, dehydration, and inflamed respiratory tissues can cause problems, even with air conditioning . Here are a few other reasons why it’s important to maintain optimal home humidity.

Improves the Quality of Your Sleep

Getting good sleep is critical when it comes to your physical and mental health. Maintaining ideal air humidification keeps snoring to a minimum, which helps those around you sleep on. Children and babies have a higher sensitivity to air humidity than adults’ bodies do.

Reduces Illnesses

When relative humidity is below 40%, viruses stay suspended in the air for a longer period. Dryer indoor air also irritates the nose and throat, making it easier for viruses to infect those living in the house. A whole- home humidifier is a great solution to maintaining proper indoor humidity levels.

Protects Your Home

Dry indoor air extracts moisture from the air, causing cracks, dents, and tension in wooden objects from your furniture to your structure supports. High humidity stores moisture, causing the wood to expand. Keeping humidity levels within an optimal range protects your home and furniture so you can keep both for as long as possible.

Don’t take chances with the humidity levels within your home. Contact us at Mountain Air Mechanical Contractors today to ask about installing a whole-home humidifier to take care of your indoor air quality needs.

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