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Carol Fentiman
Carol Fentiman 5.0

All the service personnel were a pleasure to deal with. They worked quickly and kept us regularly informed of their progress on each phase of our install. Everything was left spotless! A great group of people who we can recommend highly. Thanks for the ...great job!Read More...

Bruce Jayne
Bruce Jayne 4.0

I have been very pleased, up to this point, with the service we have received, and for the most part with the performance of our Trane mini-split ductless system. Today, however, i was less than pleased with the result of the service call I requested. ...The 12,000 BTU heat pump in our living area is set for 74 degrees, but the room stays between 63 and 66 degrees. Your technician, Chris, was available today, soon after I requested service, and he was thoroughly knowledgeable and professional. My only complaint is not toward him but toward your company and the employee who determined the capacity of our system. What Chris determined was that the units are all functioning well. What is obvious is that the living area unit is not adequate to heat that space. So, in essence, I paid $135 to learn that you have sold me an inadequately sized system. What can you offer to remedy this problem? Thank you, Bruce JayneRead More...

Nancy Morrow
Nancy Morrow 5.0

James was not only prompt and courteous, but an excellent listener and very thorough. He replaced 2 capacitors that were near end of use.

Jeff Nossen
Jeff Nossen 1.0

Mountain Air (MA) was called to repair a broken pvc pipe. A service tech spent a few minutes viewing the area and some days later I received a phone quote of $325 for the repair. Not knowing what kind of time or materials would be required, I did not ...object. When a service tech subsequently performed the actual repairs, it took all of 20 minutes and virtually nothing in materials. Not surprisingly, I felt that the quoted and charged price was way out of line for the required work. When I wrote to MA questioning the price, giving them an opportunity to reconsider their charges in light of the effort and cost of the repair, the best the service manager could come up with was "we told you beforehand the cost", ignoring the fact that they had to know how little time, etc, was going to be required. Needless to say, they will never be called to perform any further work at my address.Read More...

Sandra Ritchey
Sandra Ritchey 5.0

Repaired our HVAC system. And completed the system maintenance. Very friendly and efficient. Professional all the way. Thank you.

CD Haddock
CD Haddock 5.0

Brandson is awesome

Laura Frohling
Laura Frohling 5.0

I was able to pay my annual fee for maintenance over the phone. It was painless!

Celestial Pennington
Celestial Pennington 1.0

I have been waiting to write this review because I wanted to see how the issue resolved before making any claims about it. So my heater had water seeping out of the unit and I called in an Emergency visit because it was flooding. A service person came ...out, and seemed very rushed to get to some personal event. I didn't mind that much until he said he would put in a new filter, charged more than we discussed, about $360 instead of the already overpriced $300 and never put the new filter in at all. He just said we needed a new unit and from looking at the good reviews on this company, apparently that is what they do. So if you want a new unit, it's probably a good company but if you want repairs, go elsewhere. I was annoyed at this point because he didn't do the one thing we talked about but I didn't start to realize what a scam this company is running until I tried to call to call the service person. His work number didn't even work, it was just a busy tone and since I paid over $300 for an Emergency visit earlier that day, it felt very scammy to not be able to follow-up on my emergency. I was unable to get much info from the company about my issue. They only cared about scheduling a new unit installation. My landlord called them and they literally told him that they didn't do anything! Another company sent out a service person who was honest and told us that he didn't understand how it was possible for the unit to be leaking the way it was regardless if the A/C or heat was running. I don't think the first service person knew that information so I didn't expect him to say the same thing but he clearly hadn't found the source of the problem before suggesting a new unit. Later, we discovered a broken pipe right next to the unit which was leaking water from the upstairs apartment! The heater was not the problem at all! Now, to be fair, I've waited about 7 months to see if the unit would fail and need to be replaced because it is old. And to be fair, it recently needed to be repaired. But the repair was simple, the cost was about $600 instead of $7,000-$10,000 for a new unit. I am thinking about reporting their dishonest business practices to the BBB because they are obviously telling their employees to sell new units for a commission instead of fairly assessing the situation. The unit probably does need replacing but when it is time for the replacement, it is better to use someone who is transparent with the issue, is available to answer questions, does the work they say they will, and gives options beyond a replacement unit. Apparently this is common practice for big companies so I would suggest finding an independent contractor with good reviews who is not incentivized to upsell you. And I almost forgot, the Emergency replacement unit wasn't even available for several days so... Don't call them for an Emergency repair. Turn the unit off and wait for Monday because that is what they will do while you wait for your replacement unit. I still don't know if I will report them, I am pretty upset they took my money and didn't do anything in their own words. I honestly feel like I deserve a refund but they didn't seem to care about me as a customer so... It is probably a waste of time to talk to them directly. I just don't want anyone else to go through what I went through with this company.Read More...

Jason Ellison
Jason Ellison 5.0

Great experience from the first call to the finished installation. I recommend this business.

Ronald Baldwin
Ronald Baldwin 4.0

Always on time and they are great at maintaining our systems!

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