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Stephanie L
Stephanie L 1.0

Mountain Air came out to my house to do an HVAC service call in July to determine what was wrong with my AC and complete any possible repairs while on site. The office staff were friendly and very helpful, but the service call was terrible and has caused ...significant and unnecessary problems, including hours of headaches for me in the aftermath. The lead tech who came out (C) inspected the property and at first things were fine. He found a very dirty filter and replaced it. All good. He had a trainee with him who was incredibly courteous and professional, and I appreciated wholeheartedly. Then, he said he needed to talk to me about a major problem. We went down in the basement and he went on to say there was mold in my trunk lines and they needed to be replaced. He also said the ductwork was old (no one uses this foam anymore, it’s been since the 80s), outdated, the workmanship was poor and installed incorrectly and the whole duct system needed to be redone. When I reminded him it was Mountain Air who had done the job in 2016 and serviced it regularly until 2019 his demeanor changed. He didn’t want to do the small repairs he had said he was going to do to help alleviate the issue, like tape up a loose line or two, and he ended up doing part of it out of my insistence but not as discussed. It’s been a few weeks now. I had to take time off from work to have two HVAC quotes for trunk replacement and a mold inspection. We’ve confirmed there’s no mold in my HVAC. Turns out to assess if there was mold he would have needed to open my trunk line and look inside, which he didn’t appear to do when he was here so how he made that determination is beyond me. On his way out, the tech tried to charge me for both the service call and a $76 small repair fee, which was not what I was quoted for their visit. When I told him that wasn’t what I was quoted and asked him to explain his reasoning for the extra charge he removed it and said he’d just have to tell them I refused to pay and get in trouble. I paid, he left, and I’ll never use them again. I cannot say enough what an awful experience this was. Again, the office staff were helpful, the trainee on the job (Mike) was absolutely wonderful, but the lead tech made this experience truly one star.Read More...

VJ Fadely
VJ Fadely 4.0

A/C quit during the night. Called next morning and they had someone there in the afternoon. Chris was professional, efficient and friendly. Within 10 minutes had diagnosed the problem and replaced the part. I was not happy with the $35 (yes, $35!) gas ...charge on top of the $120 they were charging just to come out and diagnose the problem, particularly since the business is located 1.6 miles from my home... But... they have you over a barrel, don't they?Read More...

Jason Diamond
Jason Diamond 5.0

Same day service in a pinch. No BS they just say they will show up (and unlike other companies) they just show up when they say they will. Fixed our problem fast and reasonable costs. 100% recommend them.

Dave S
Dave S 5.0

My system was acting up on Saturday. I called Mountain Air Monday morning and they were out to address the problem by noon the same day. The two gentlemen, Dennis and Vitaliy, were on time and pleasant to work with. They quickly diagnosed and ...addressed the issue. Everything seems to be working well and we will give the system a stress test on the next HOT day.Read More...

Megan Rokoski
Megan Rokoski 2.0

I bought a condo and the previous owners had used Mountain Air for their HVAC services. They had a service where you pay a set price and you get two check ups per year included in it. The first check up went well. The technicians were nice and relayed ...that the unit will need to be replaced soon. I forgot to schedule the second check up that is included and wasn't reminded that I had to do that. When I started to have issues with my HVAC not cooling enough, they couldn't get me an appointment until 5 days later and recommended that I call other places. Luckily, I found someone else who could come see me that day. I scheduled the check up that was included with the yearly fee I paid a few days later and they couldn't get me in until 1.5 months. I got a phone call from an Asheville number the day before the scheduled appointment, but no voicemail was left. I got a call the morning of the appointment saying they were "obviously not making it out there because we've had a number of emergency calls and those are taking precedent over our maintenance calls." Not sure why the word obviously was included there, because it wasn't obvious to me. Also when I had an emergency, I was told they couldn't help me. They automatically rescheduled the appointment for me on a day and time that didn't work with my schedule. I'm lucky they couldn't initially help me when I had an HVAC emergency because I've found a great small business to support instead. Pamela on the phone is wonderful and the techs were good, which is the only reason for two stars instead of one.Read More...

Jayne Vaughan
Jayne Vaughan 5.0

Great job by Rubin, VitoLiy, Mike K and Jacob for wonderful information and installation of our air and heating units. Very responsive and easy to work with. Thank you.

Robert Thomas
Robert Thomas 5.0

Dennis did a great job addressing our HVAC issue. Prompt, knowledgeable and professional. Just what we needed. Thank you.

Farah Spainhour
Farah Spainhour 5.0

Mike and Charlie got 'er done! It is 80+ degrees and the air wasn't working and a box fan wasn't going to cut it. Same day service starting with Pamela went as smoothly as possible. I couldn't appreciate Mike and Charlie's perseverance to fix the ...problem quickly and give me tips on future prevention. They are definitely stored in my phone.Read More...

Doreen Huskes
Doreen Huskes 5.0

Dennis, our technician, was professional and courteous. He offered information about our system that I didn’t even know that I needed and it was very helpful! Thank you Dennis!!!

Jarred Hoelle
Jarred Hoelle 5.0

Brian Sword was a great contact for not only walking through what needed to be done but extremely thorough and honest about priority and best approach. Victor and Yurity, who did the work for us, were efficient, kind and did an amazing job over the ...course of their time in our home. They completed the work in the agreed upon timeframe and I'd recommend them for any of your HVAC needs.Read More...

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