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Our Routine Maintenance Plan

How Our Routine Maintenance Agreements Protect Your Investment

If you own an expensive car, it makes sense to protect your investment with regular tune-ups to avoid unnecessary wear. Why wouldn’t you do the same for a costly HVAC system? As with a vehicle, regular heater and AC maintenance limits wear and keeps your system operating smoothly. It’s the smartest way to ensure efficient, effective heating and cooling for years to come.

The average HVAC system is designed to last for upwards of 20 years. Unfortunately, clogged filters, worn mechanical components, and other wear and tear from regular use can significantly shorten that time. We can help you catch and address these issues early on, avoiding the cost of a premature system replacement.

Save Energy With HVAC Maintenance

In addition to threatening the longevity of your system, neglecting regular AC or furnace maintenance can also compromise your energy efficiency. A poorly maintained system must work much harder to achieve proper heating and cooling. That means greater energy consumption and higher utility bills every month.

As a Trane Comfort Specialist, we have the training and experience to identify opportunities to improve your efficiency. If your monthly energy bills keep rising, it’s time to give the experts at Mountain Air Mechanical Contractors a call. We’ll thoroughly inspect your system and restore it to optimal condition with a full tune-up.

What to Expect

Every maintenance visit begins with a comprehensive inspection. Our NATE-certified Service Technicians carefully inspect and test every component of your system to verify it’s in proper working order. Coils, drains, blowers, condensers, and other key components are thoroughly cleaned and all moving parts are well-lubricated. Major components are checked and adjusted as necessary for maximum efficiency. Finally, we’ll give you a full assessment and let you know whether any parts are in need of further attention. The end result?

Fewer Repair Calls

Improved Efficiency

Extended Service Life

15% off all parts not covered by warranty

Enhanced comfort and performance

Long-term cost savings

Invaluable peace of mind

Sign Up for One of Our Routine Maintenance Agreements Today

We may be the name to call for HVAC repairs, but we’d also like to help you avoid them. We know how frustrating it can be when a heating or cooling system breaks down unexpectedly. We also know how costly it can be when an inefficient system is needlessly wasting energy. At Mountain Air Mechanical Contractors, we can help you avoid all that with our comprehensive maintenance services.

We’re a family-owned and operated company that offers flat rate pricing, a 2-year labor warranty on installations, 24/7 emergency service and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our company’s reputation has been built on the principles of integrity, quality work, professionalism, and the personal attention we give to each of our customers. Call today for more information about our Preventive Maintenance Agreements or to schedule an appointment.

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